Backlight – Negotiator in times of war

Dear Addis Abebians,

On April 6th we will organize the Backlight Meet Up about Negotiator in times of war, which was earlier scheduled for February 24th.

In this edition we will follow Ms. Sigrid Kaag, the Special UN Representative for Lebanon, in her challenging work. The documentary provides an on-the-ground understanding of the complex situation in the Middle-East, particularly Lebanon and the Levant region. Our Guest Speaker for this Meet Up will be Ms. Mariko Peters, Regional Migration Coordinator at the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa. Potentially an additional guest speaker from the UNHCR will join.


The evening will start at 7.30 PM in Wims Holland House and last until 10.00 PM maximum. The Meet Up is facilitated by VPRO Backlight(, the Dutch Association in Ethiopia ( and Wims Holland House (

We hope to see many in the evening of Wednesday April 6!

Auke Boere

Anniek Elemans

Backlight Meet Ups Addis Ababa


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