Tegenlicht – Backlight Meetup

Dear Addis Abebians,
On Wednesday June 22nd (7.30 PM) we will organize a Backlight Meet Up about Breakthrough of Sustainable Energy. The world is currently seeing a rapid energy transition; more and more energy is produced through solar, wind, hydro and other types of sustainable energy, while fossil fuels are on the decline. Experts talk of a breakthrough in sustainable energy, because the prices of solar energy are increasingly cheaper than those of fossil fuels.
This Backlight Meet Up will touch on this Breakthrough of Sustainable Energy. We have invited 2 guest speakers for this evening:
1. Robi Redda – Country Manager for Climate and Development Knowledge Network
2. Katrin Puetz – Head & Heart of (B) Energy – an Ethiopian social enterprise in biogas production for rural households
The Meet Up is facilitated by VPRO Backlight (http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl/backlight.html), the Dutch Association in Ethiopia (https://nvethio.wordpress.com/) and Wims Holland House.

We know we are competing with the European Championship football, but still please join us for this interesting evening!

Auke Boere

Anniek Elemans

Backlight Meet Ups Addis Ababa




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