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Fotografie cursus

Beste NVE-ers.

Hieronder vindt u een oproep voor een fotografie cursus. Hoe meer NVE-ers zich aanmelden, hoe goedkoper EN gezelliger het is.

Dear all,
Mulugeta Gebrekidan is a great Ethiopian photographer and video artist (https://www.facebook.com/gebrekidandesta/photos) living in Addis Ababa. I asked him whether he could give a photography course and I am very happy that he is willing to prepare a course for a few people.
The course will be based on the interest of the participants, but an option could be to have two-hour classes on 4 to 5 Saturdays or Sundays, with for instance theory on photography, portrait photography, street photography, discussing each other’s work, etc. After the course finishes there is also an option to start your own photography project (nature, food, portraits, architecture, etc.).

entoto 7-2
If you would be interested, please send me a message with your wishes and I will send a joint proposal to Mulugeta and ask for an estimation of the costs. Feel free to also forward this message to any friends who may be interested. I am not sure whether having a camera is required, you can let me know if you don’t have one and I will ask for the possibilities.

Have a good day!

Best wishes,

Anniek Elemans