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Voetbal, Wijn & Jassen

Beste NVEers,

Drie korte mededelingen:

Donderdag 1 september is er om 20:45 Nederlandse tijd een voetbalwedstrijd Nederland / Griekenland. Rahel vertelde dat de wedstrijd te zien is in Wims Holland huis op haar grote HD televisiescherm.

Voor diegenen die voetbal geen bal aan vinden, is er klaverjassen om 20:00 in Old Airport bij Gert-Jan thuis. Meld je aan bij Mascha (mmiddelbeek at yahoo punt co punt uk).

The South Africa high commission sent us this info on a good SA wine supplier. Below are prices for SA wines from the Wholesaler Garabedian and Bambis:

Wine – Prices are incl VAT in Bir

                                                                                                   Garabedian    Bambis

Plaisier de Merle Sauvignon Blanc       645         774

Nederburg Baronne                       325         390

Nederburg Pinotage Export               325         390

Nederburg Edelrood                      345         414

Nederburg Shiraz                        325         390

Two Oceans Pinotage                     275         330

Two Oceans Cab Merlot                   275         330

Fleur De Cap Cab Sav                    385         462

Attached a list of SA wines that Garabedian stocks.  Please be aware that availability changes as product is sold out and new product arrives.  They also sell wines from other countries as well as a good variety of spirits.  Only SA wines are listed but other foreign wine is also available .

SA Wine August 2016

Garabedian says they will deliver to Old Airport but generally to a central point.  This will be useful if ordering in bulk! 

Edouard Garabedian Map